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Owned with
John Ferguson - Ferguson Show Cattle
Gene Rowe - Rowe Farms


A third generation Rowe Farms donor, 42FJ is an incredible specimen that has established an equally incredible track record of successes in a very short time. Since entering transplant in 2001, 42FJ has produced more than $93,000 worth of income through the sale of only 8.5 calves and more than $46,000 in embryo sales. In addition, she is the dam of the Rowe Farms AI sires, Rowe Currency, and Rowe Hardline, owned with Cox Cattle, NC, and an untold number of sons and daughters that have been produced in customer programs and are not included in her progeny sales total. Since Rowe Genetics began selling frozen embryos, 42FJ has been the most lucrative and popular donor in their lineup. Her calf quality has been excellent and she is amazingly consistent. Consider that her only calf by Limited Edition born in 2003 is Rowe Currency, her only calf by Full Flush born in 2003 is Rowe Hardline, and her only calves by Full Flush born in 2004 sold as Lots 1A-D in the 2004 Winning Edge Sale for $7,800, $6,200, $6,000, and $4,750. In fact, this past year marked her first calf crop of more than two calves at Rowe Farms, and it promptly returned $39,000. Customers report great success with their 42FJ progeny and hold them in extremely high regard.


PUPS Dream Girl

Dream Girl

Northern Improvement x Rowe MS Habanero 42FJ

Raised and owned with
John Ferguson - Ferguson Show Cattle
Gene Rowe - Rowe Farms

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The Northern Improvement x Rowe MS Habanero 42FJ flush resulted in four heifers and three bulls. The females were retained, along with Northern Ice. The other two bulls sold at the 2009 Ohio Beef Expo for $6,000 and $4,300. The first flush out of Dream Girl sold at the 2009 Frozen Gold Sale for $7,200!

Their granddam, Rowe Ms Draft Pick 42F, has produced three top Al sires and $400K in progeny to date. Their dam, Rowe MS Habanero 42FJ, sold a group of four heifers from a flush that averaged $6,300 while other progeny have sold upwards of $9,000.


Kuck EXT Meyer 85

Kuck EXT Meyer 85A


The top selling female from Wayne Forsythe's dispersal in the 2004 Female Focus Sale, this beautiful Meyer 734 daughter has found a comfortable home in the Rowe Genetics program. Bred in the former K&S Club Calves herd by Paul Kuck, this cow has been a very steady producer since a young age. Her first calf in our New Paris pastures is a favorite of many, and we've got big plans for this cow. Both her dam and granddam were standout performers, and success runs in the family!


Shatto Ms Peerless 21R

Dam of a $11,750.00 Ali heifer and the popular Eye Candy heifers in the 2OO9 calf crop!

Shatto Ms Bear 13R

Dam of Hard Rock, $18,500.00 High selling bull of the 2009 Ohio Beef Expo to Lautner farm. Call for embryos by this mating!!


Owned with
Gene Rowe - Rowe Farms

The top selling bred heifer from the Paws Up Dispersal has developed into one heck of a Basis One donor prospect. She is a favorite of nearly every visitor to Rowe farms, and we are extremely excited about the new scope that she brings to our desire to build new cow families based on the same principals we have always used. 2501 (Farm Tag 73B) is just what we look for in a foundation female-tremendous depth and width, perfect structure, excellent bone and muscle shape, all in a moderate, easy keeping package and the top selling female in the 2004 Winning Edge Sale. She is quite a jewel with a world of profit awaiting her.




Northern Ice

Northern Ice

Northern Improvement x Rowe Ms Habanero 42FJ
25% Maine / 75% Angus
Registered MaineTainer & ChiMaine Reg. #381867
TH • PHA • Black • Polled

Raised and owned with
John Ferguson, Ferguson Show Cattle
Gene Rowe, Rowe Show Cattle

Call to order semen. $20/ Unit.
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Hard Rock
High Selling Bull at the 2009 Ohio Beef Expo. Sold for $18,500.00

Hardcore x Hairy Bear x Who Made Who
62.5% Maine
TH Free • PHA Free


Raised by Shatto Show Cattle
Purchased and promoted by Lautner Farms

Incredible rib shape and mass combined with tremendous bone and hair in a sound, stylish package makes Hard Rock a truly unique individual that will work in a wide variety of situations from producing competitive show steers to high dollar heifers.




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